(ICD House, Berlin, 12 June 2010)


(ICD House, Berlin, 12 June 2010)

Moderator: Jimmy Bamba DJ (Radio Multi Kulti-ex)
Featuring: Emmanuel Eni and the African legends performance group and Afrokassa –Samba Bori and Djiabate
Special attraction: Irresistible Remote Blackman in European Kitchen
Special Guests Artists: Sir Lord Gordon, Drummer and Aly Keita and the Magic Ballafon.
Star attraction: Poetic musical performance of “The love of the Mermaid”

Main Attraction: Chaka, King of the Zulu

Chaka the King of the Zulu is one of Africa’s most prominent kings, whose legend is famed for uniting the seventy-five tribes that make up the Zulu state, in the present day South Africa. Apart from his dynamic politics, and victory in all his war campaigns, his legend grows as the founder of the revolutionary size and shape of the spear. He formed the spear to be three meters in length making it an effective long distance throwing weapon.

His innovations made him one of the first kings to move away from close combat during battle. The Grand lord of the Zulu, Lord of Attetewa, was called the tortoise that fertilizes and ends all female cycles and lived a life of magic and love. This was expressed through the long wars with the British Empire and the civil wars to unite the Zulu homeland. His transcendent conquests in politics and culture are related poetically and musically in the African legends group presentation.

Chaka the king of the Zulu is Emmanuel Eni’s latest epic narration written in between February and March 2010. “Nwanyi and the water spirit,” adapted as “The love of the Mermaid”, is extracted from “Masquerade undressing,” a poems compilation written by Emmanuel Eni and published by CPN in England in 2005.

Duration of event: 2hrs.
Entry 6 Euros

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