The European African Alliance Conference 2012

"Development Initiatives, Trade Relations and Interregional Cultural Exchange in the European African Alliance"

(Berlin, International Conference, January 10th - 13th, 2012)

Conference Agenda

The goal of the European African Alliance Conference 2012 is to raise awareness about the interdependence between Africa and Europe as well as the challenges and opportunities this relationship might face. In discussing these issues, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy hopes to facilitate dialogue and understanding as tool to promote deeper international cooperation and relationships.

The conference seeks to achieve a deeper understanding of the importance of cultural dialogue and how cultural diplomacy has been used to enhance further cooperation between Africa and Europe. The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy believes that this conference can contribute greatly to a broader academic debate concerning interregional exchange and methods for enhancing intercontinental partnerships.

The following issues will be mentioned and explored:

Cultural Alliance: Deepening Political and Cultural Relations between Europe and Africa

In our globalized, interdependent world cultural exchange is a vital requirement to successful international relations. In the shifting political and economic landscape new regions, regional institutions and regional relations come into focus. In the relationship between Africa and Europe it is important to discover how Cultural Diplomacy can facilitate a successful and mutually beneficial partnership both for the two regions and for the international community at large During the conference we aim to discover how cultural diplomacy can facilitate this process.
  • Transfer of technical knowledge: a tool to enhance meaningful corporation?
    (Focus: Regional development in North Africa in collaboration with DESERTEC)
  • The role of culture in bridging regional differences
    (Focus: representing national culture, exchange)
  • Cultural Diplomacy in regional institutions: synergies between the EU and Africa
    (Focus: EU, sub-regional organizations, structure, and collaboration)
  • The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in EU-AU Relations
    (Focus: Cultural Diplomacy, Interregional Organizations, JAES)

The Opportunity to Enhance Relations and Cultural Diplomacy through Trade

Trade relations and trade policies are becoming increasingly important in our interdependent world. Economic, political and social rules need to be coordinated in order to facilitate effective and sustainable trade relations between regions. The conference will explore the use of Cultural Diplomacy as a promising tool for such relations between African and Europe.
  • European – African Relations and the Possibility of Sustainable Trade Relations.
    (Focus: Current relations, methods of trade, EU trade policy)
  • Barriers to Trade
    (Focus: Free Trade vs Fair Trade, Trade policies, and Cultural differences.)
  • The role of Cultural Diplomacy in Trade Relations
    (Focus: Exchange of trade values and economic models, the role of the private sector, transparency)
  • The Economic Partnership Agreement
    (Focus: Costs and opportunities, policy coherence)

Relationship Economic and Demographic Changes in the African-European Relationship

Demographic and economic changes are increasingly prevalent in both African and European societies. These changes consequently affect the dynamic between these two continents in regard to for example Diasporas, migration and tourism. This part of the conference will thus address topics that are of particular relevance to these developments.
  • Demographic Changes in Europe and the Economic Need for Migrants  
    (Focus: Labour, immigration, structural change in society, dialogue)
  • The Role of Diaspora as agents of Cultural Diplomacy
    (Focus: Migration, government policies, social structures, cultural exchange, entry restrictions)
  • The Role of Tourism in African Economies
    (Focus: exchange, dialogue, Eco-tourism, cultural erosion vs. cultural change)
  • The Economic Crisis and its Impact on Africa and Europe
    (Focus: positive and negative effects on relationships, remittances, the EURO crisis, growth perspectives, aid).

Forging New Relationships and Understanding Regional Institutions

In an increasingly globalized and interdependent world, governance on the national, regional and international stage is becoming more multifaceted. In order to gain a further understanding of the methods of efficient cooperation, this conference will explore the future role of Cultural Diplomacy amongst institutional frameworks.
  • The Role of European-African Relations in Promoting a Greater Voice for Africa in International Institutions
    (Focus: Regional and global institutions, civil society)
  • The Future of Security between the African Union and the European Union
    (Focus: Peace, security dialogue, conflict resolution, challenges and opportunities)
  • The European African Relationship: Who should be included?
    (Focus: Cultural Diplomacy; International Networking, relationship expansion, the role of civil society)