"UMOJA: The Gathering of all African Nations"

Strengthening Inter-Cultural and International Relations in Africa through Cultural Diplomacy

African Summit, Berlin; October 23th - 26th, 2012

Conference Review

Expression of Gratitude

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all those who dealt with the outreach, planning, organization, and support of the " UMOJA: The Gathering of all African Nations," conference including: Alex  Hannah, Andreea Peptine, Anna Ostafiychuk, Arturs Holavins, Julia  du Pont de Romemont, Lindsay Murphy, Nuria Álvarez, Tyler Thompson, Umamah Basit, and Norma Wright.

The ICD and the organizers of the “UMOJA: The Gathering of All African Nations,” conference would further like to thank the participants and speakers of the conference, whose enthusiasm and participation were a vital contribution to the phenomenal success of our event.

We are pleased to make the following documentation available: