The Berlin Annual African Film & Media Festival 2013

"Africa on Screen: Through the Eyes of Africa"

(Berlin, Germany; August 22nd - 25th, 2013)

Festival Agenda

Cultural exchange centering on the exploration of art is not a novel trend; however the growth of cinema in Africa has gained remarkable momentum, despite obstacles such as censorship and restricted funding. African film is rapidly emerging and occupying an increasingly prominent position in world cinema, providing a genuine chance for promoting African cultural awareness. The Berlin African Film & Media Festival 2013 will therefore celebrate Africa’s multifaceted cultural and artistic landscape through the gathering of a wide range of artists and leaders from a variety of fields, including politics, diplomacy, activism, the media and the private sector, with the goal of superseding imagined cultural boundaries and increasing the exposure of African talent worldwide. The continued growth of both film and media will allow Africans to share their perception of the myriad of cultures present within Africa, as well as their image of Africa as a whole. This increased cultural exchange will lead to a deeper global understanding of African issues and developments, as well as providing an accessible and effective forum for the promotion of Cultural Diplomacy between African nations and countries around the globe.

The Festival will give special emphasis to the following areas:

  • The Rise of the African Film Industry: Social, Political and Economic Implications
  • Film as an Educational Tool: A Visual Insight into Africa
  • The Impact of New Communication Technologies in promoting African Development & Prosperity
  • Media as an Essential Platform for Promoting Awareness of African Culture
  • The Domestic and International Impact of a Growing African Mass Media Sector
  • Strengthening Political, Economic & Social Ties Through an Increased African Media Presence
  • Promoting Peace, Development and Prosperity Through Film & Art
  • The Power of Film & Media as Uniting Mechanisms and Reconciliatory Tools in Africa
  • Exploring New Opportunities to further Promote African Cinema Abroad
  • Film & Media as Effective Tools for Cultural Diplomacy